Haflinger Trekking Centre

Person​ally run by Yolande J Robertson

Established in 1977

Our Team at Haflinger Trekking Centre

Yolande Robertson

Yolande is originally from Derbyshire. One of her first jobs was working for British Airways in the Midlands. She moved to Scotland in 1977 to start up a pony trekking centre in Glen Clova and that's where Haflinger Trekking Centre was first established.

Yolande fell in love with the Haflinger breed when she was living in Derbyshire with her parents, and bought one of the first five Haflinger mares imported into Great Britain. Yolande's mare, Hermi, became her foundation mare for the Collycroft Haflinger Stud which she established in the early 70's. Hermi's offspring are still seen today at many county shows in England. Yolande is also a founder member of the Haflinger Society of Great Britain.

Yolande is very passionate about wildlife and nature, a keen bird watcher, and adores being with her horses. Her knowledge of the outdoors such as the flora and fauna, insects and bugs, birds and wildlife truly is outstanding. She is one in a million!

Yolande J Robertson (Yo)

Yoland'e is Yolande's daughter and was born into the Haflinger Trekking Centre in 1985. She has grown up alongside nearly all of our ponies we have today and class them as her family. Growing up in the family business, Yoland'e learnt how to work with horses and the general public at a very early age. She was always out on the treks either walking or riding. Before Yoland'e went to Gergask Primary School her Father, Jim Robertson, even made her a seat to sit in on the saddle. It was made with a bike seat attached to a saddle! We must find those photographs!! Our horses love her and love working with her.

As part of her work experience for high school Yoland'e had the opportunity to help out at Lettershuna Riding Centre, Oban. She also had regular lessons with Ingrid Grant at Alvie Stables to work on her schooling techniques and jumping.

When Yoland'e left Kingussie High School she went straight to Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell in England, studying National Diploma in Equine Management and Business Studies and NVQ level 2. Yoland'e has many great friends she has kept in touch with from College and regularly travels down to their yards when she gets the chance. As part of her training she also worked at Gleneagles Equestrian School studying towards BHS Stage 3 and 4, BHSAI and SVQ level 3. Having trained and studied with some of the best coaches and riders in the world, Yoland'e came back to Newtonmore to take over the family business.

In 2009 Yoland'e gave birth to twins, Brooklyn and Bonny, who equally share a passion for horses and wildlife. They have become real ambassadors for Haflinger Trekking Centre.

Growing up with horses Yoland'e has witnessed the real therapeutic values of being around such beautiful animals and has a keen interest for helping people. She is currently studying with the RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) to become a Group Coach for Cairngorms RDA. This involves working with Denise Kelly at Cranloch Riding Centre, Elgin, which Yoland'e is thoroughly enjoying.

The Mini Staff

These little people, Brooklyn and Bonny, enjoy every moment working as part of the team. Their fresh faces and boundless energy keep us smiling!


Our young apprentice Nicola loves spending her weekends with the ponies! Her favourite is Diego. They have done lots of things together. Nicola is a keen archery contestant and is also working towards her Silver award for the Duke of Edinburgh. She is now a Police Cadet, hopefully on her way to her life long ambition of being part of the Mounted Police.

Nicola has been coming to Haflinger Trekking Centre since she was a baby! She too has known all the horses for many years, and came out on treks with us all her life. Nicola's original favourite was Hermi III when she was very young, and many pony trekkers will remember being told by this very little girl that they weren't allowed to ride Hermi III, as that pony was already taken! Ahh the memories!


Lora does a fantastic job as our secretary. She keeps us right and is always there if we need her expertise.


Meet Thomas, who has qualified for the Special Olympics World Games 2019 !

Thomas Miller has been accepted into the GB squad Special Olympics World Games 2019 in Abu Dhabi in Dressage, Equestrian.

Thomas started riding with us when he was a wee laddie and has continued coming every year as our working student. He has learnt Prix Caprilli and has managed to reach top level A rider. In 2017, his breakthrough came when he qualified for the National Games in Sheffield again in Dressage and Prix Caprilli and as a Level A rider. He attended the Games and won 2 Silver Medals. Only 2 equine riders have been chosen to represent GB. Thomas and his family now have the task of raising £2700 for Abu Dhabi.

Well done Thomas!


We have known David through the trekking since the 1980s. He is a keen horseman and photographer, with extensive knowledge of the wildlife. He is a dependable member of our team and the horses enjoy his company.

Why Us?

We love animals, wildlife and nature. We are dedicated to inspire people from all walks of life.

Our animals are a part of our team and we all work together. Our horses want to work and enjoy it and we pride ourselves in that.

We are interested in what is happening around us when we are out with the ponies... 'wow, check that butterfly out!'... 'Oooohh look at those ants!'... 'What is that?!'...

Our aim is to watch and observe the wildlife with the added bonus of having ponies in our company.

Does this separate us from every other riding centre in Britain?!.. Maybe not... maybe so...? You shall just have to come and see for yourself... ;)