Haflinger Trekking Centre

Person​ally run by Yolande J Robertson

Established in 1977


Oxnead Windsor has been living with us for quite some time now.. and we've loved every moment of it! This is with Great Thanks to Helen Blair of Silveretta Haflinger Stud and Worcestershire Equestrian Centre.

Windsor has had his own field with his own mares, going out for gentle hacks around the beautiful countryside and just living a simple yet fulfilling lifestyle.

So, surely he is overdue some time in the Competition World don't you think?!..

We are starting the campaign, #windsor2020, to help us take Windsor to some special shows to show case his spectacular movements and beautiful personality.

We have no transport due to our lovely lorry being written off a few years ago boooo (thumbs down).

So this is where we need your help!

We are looking for sponsors and supporters who can help Windsor hitch hike to some super competitions, do his thing, and return home again! Sound good?!

Our all time goal is for Windsor to compete at the 2020 Haflinger Breed Show held in England in August.

Watch this space....