Haflinger Trekking Centre

Person​ally run by Yolande J Robertson

Established in 1977

Welcome to our Collycroft Haflinger page

One of The Most Calming and Unique Experiences you will do this year

Horse Riding Dedicated to Nature Enthusiasts

Dedicated to showing you nature in all its glory; in a light that has never been seen before. Nature allows our horses to get up close and personal. Witness special things like the different kinds of Deer, Golden Eagles, Pine Martin, Black and Red Grouse, Capercaillie, various Heathers, Rowan Trees, Wild Mountain Pansies, Scots Pine, Wow and really so much more!!

The best part of it, being in the company of our friends; our beautiful, sure-footed, gentle, well mannered horses.

Our horses are here to help show you, teach you and give you a glimpse into what life really is all about.

We are thrilled to say our ponies have been on TV and starred in series such as, Monarch of the Glen, Outlander, BBC Holidays, Songs of Praise with Sally Magnusson, Freetime with John Craven, Countryfile, BBC Radio Scotland and so many more!

We are a family run business with over 60 years experience, fully qualified, professional, but at the same time approachable and down to earth.

We are extremely flexible on activities so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have an idea or venture!

So don’t hold back, message us today!

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Telephone: 07490256454

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