Haflinger Trekking Centre

Person​ally run by Yolande J Robertson

Established in 1977

Pony Trekking

A very small and unique Pony Trekking Centre which allows nature enthusiasts to come and enjoy Scotland's spectacular scenery and wildlife. Experience seeing nature while riding one of our beautiful horses. The treks are at walking pace only, and by walking on the ponies, we can cater for complete beginners as well as capturing the real beauty of wildlife. All throughout the year there are many variations of animals, birds, flora and fauna, so for example, roe deer, red deer, red squirrels, frogs and pine martin, crossbills, black and red grouse, capercaillie, blue tits, buzzards and even golden eagles! Growing on the moorland and in the woodlands we see orchids, wild mountain pansies, various heathers, rowan trees, scots pine and so, so much more!! The ponies don't scare away these beautiful creatures and therefore allowing us a much closer glimpse into the wonderful world of nature.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page, Haflinger Trekking Centre, to see our wonderful Special Offers throughout the year! We have so many exciting Offers we are sure you are going to love them all! We look forward to taking you out on a quiet and tranquil experience.

Please read this page in full before booking in with us, thank you!

Snowdrop Trail 20 minutes ride approximately - £10 per person

Individual Lesson 45 minutes - £15

This involves learning about your horse, tack and how to ride. As we only walk on our horses this is best suited for beginners and people wanting to regain confidence. Your lesson will be with Yolande (jnr), who coaches for Moray RDA and Cairngorms RDA. One of her students has recently won 2 Gold Medals at the Special Olympics held in Abu Dhabi. Yolande has also trained with world leading coaches from all disciplines, including Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing. She has also worked with many saddle fitters and tack experts, which will give you an in-depth knowledge of what tack to use and why we use it in the equine world. In her lessons she focusses on building strong foundations both in looking after your horse and your riding technique. These foundations will set you up for life, whether or not you want to be involved in the Equine Industry or just do it as a hobby.

Groom and Ride 1 hour and 30minutes - £25 per person

This involves meeting and grooming the horses, learning a bit about their tack and why we use it, before riding out along the Pine Cone Trail.

Counrtyside Trek 1hour - £30 per person

This will occasionally incorporate themed Pony Treks, e.g. Hallowe'en Spooky Rides, Winter Wonderland & Christmas Woodland Rides, Valentines Love Month and More...

These times are approximate, as while out riding we can see some exciting wildlife, this can mean we take a little extra time to study these wonderful encounters.

- Catering for complete beginners and children aged 4 years and over.

- Limited spaces

- Walking only, no trotting or cantering.

- Maximum weight limit is 12.5 stone / 79.3 kilograms / 175 pounds.

- Hard hats provided free of charge. All riders must wear one.

- Ideal footwear - footwear with a smooth sole and a small heel. Leggings and loser fitting trousers. Preferably not to wear jeans (for your comfort). Bring jackets and gloves as it is an outdoor activity and it will be cold.

- As we are outdoors we can not provide a card machine so please bring cash with you when you arrive for your pony trek.

- A quick 'Rider Registration' form will need to be filled out once you arrive, this will take under 5 minutes.

- Hand washing facilities provided for all.

- Public Toilets are located at the Kingussie Doctors Surgery, post code PH21 1ET. As our centre is outdoors, we recommend that you consider using the toilet before arriving. These cost 50p to use.

Advanced Bookings Only so please email [email protected] to book with us.

Facebook: Haflinger Trekking Centre

Tel: 07490256454

Instagram / Twitter: @haflinger_trek